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Are you looking for something special for your next holidays? Did you ever come to a place and had no clue of what you could do around there? Are you planning an event and searching for specific promotions?

Pingvalue is the answer! Through our app you can finally plan your shopping, activities, and trips, and get exactly the information that you need. If you wish it, we can also inspire you based on your location and what is going on around you, so you make sure you don't miss anything out of your favorite offers, events, and experiences.

In this way you can enjoy the best moments with your family and friends at the fullest, or just with yourself.

How to get the most out of Pingvalue

Create your Personal List

When you plan an event, activity or trip, you can fill in a list of all you want to buy, see and do. Select a location and a time period, and we will provide you with the advice you need. At the right moment and in the right place!

Get relevant real-time Recommendations

Based on your personal profile, interests, and activity on Pingvalue, we can suggest in real time products and offers that are relevant for you. You will discover nice events and places around you, also thanks to the tips of local people with your same tastes.

Create your digital Coupons

Create coupons on interesting promotions via the Pingvalue app and let them be scanned from your smartphone when you pay. You will enjoy discounts on what you love and also get credits for your visits, in a digital centralized loyalty program. Easy and fast!

Be guided to the right Place

You have no idea on how to best reach the right location? No worries! Pingvalue will inform you on the exact direction and advice you on the closest parking, or help you find the better connection with public transportation.

Share your Experiences

Don’t forget to then share your best experiences with the Pingvalue community! Collect pictures of the best moments in an album to inspire others on combinations of activities or products. You will see your Social Factor grow.

Enjoy the experience you are looking for

Pingvalue helps businesses and organizations provide you with the service and treatment you deserve as a customer.

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