Privacy & Cookie Policy

1. General

Pingvalue SARL, with registered office at 59 Boulevard Royal, 2449 Luxembourg, registered in the RCS under number B 186394 (hereinafter ‘Pingvalue’) is responsible for the processing of your personal information on the website and on the Pingvalue mobile application (‘app’) (hereinafter the ‘Platform’).

As a Luxembourgish company, Pingvalue complies with all applicable laws and regulations (including the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 enacted 27 April 2016).

A declaration was filed with the Luxembourgish Commission for the Protection of Privacy with respect to the processing of your personal information as required by law.

2. Personal information collected

2.1. Information you share with us

In the registration form on the Platform: name, e-mail address, interests, etc. As a User, you can supplement your personal profile by sharing additional information, such as gender, date of birth, location, partner, children, job, hobbies, etc.

You can also include specific interests or preferences when registering (or thereafter) by interacting with people, products, places, brands, etc. (For example, by liking or swiping particular products, names, or brands, or using other means to indicate to us that you like something, recommend, or prefer, or by following us, or sharing or by posting a review.)

You can also use your personal settings to indicate whether or not you want to receive offers from companies. This is asked when you register and can always be changed afterwards.

2.2. Information that is automatically collected:

Certain information is collected using cookies. See our cookie policy at the bottom of this document.

Certain information can also be collected without storing cookies. This can only be read by Pingvalue and only during your visit to the Website. This involves: 1) the IP address, 2) the type and version of your browser, 3) the most recently visited internet page.

2.3. Personal information shared with commercial partners

In this supposition, the Pingvalue commercial partners guarantee that they have received permission to share the personal information in question.

3. Processing purposes

3.1. General purposes

Your personal information is collected to:

  • Be able to offer the Platform service to you.
  • Provide information, display of information, messages, recommendations, and offers with respect to services, products, persons, companies, or events that you might find interesting – this can be displayed on the Platform (for example, accessible via your smartphone, computer, or tablet), as well as being sent via e-mail, or displayed on digital billboards (personalised information based on the profiles of people in the vicinity of the billboard).
  • Manage the technical administration of the Platform.
  • Once the information is anonymised, create statistics or carry out surveys related to the number of visits to the different parts of the Platform.
  • Carry out market research to improve the technical and substantive quality of the Platform.

3.2. Direct marketing and sharing with third parties

Your personal information is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with third parties or used for purposes other than direct marketing, unless Pingvalue has received your explicit permission beforehand (opt in) when registering or in some manner, such as in the profile settings. If you have given your permission, you can, in particular, share your personal information with cities and merchants active on the Platform so they display relevant personal information about and offers for products, events, and so on.

This permission can be rescinded at any time for free without reason by sending an e-mail to or by changing your privacy settings on the Platform.

Your personal information may be shared with our affiliated companies or partner companies to provide the service using the Website (for example, to payment providers, customer service providers, etc.).

3.3. Serious violations

When requested, your information can be supplied to the authorities (police and department of justice) in the event of serious violations of the law.

4. Duration of storage of information

All personal information is kept for a period that is necessary for Pingvalue to deliver the service.

5. Right to access and correction

You are entitled at any time to access your personal information to correct or change it for free. To do so, send an e-mail to or post a letter to the address in Article 1 of this Privacy & Cookie Policy with a copy of your identity card.

You are completely free to share or not share your personal information with Pingvalue. You should know that certain services can be refused if personal information is missing on the order form and that you are responsible for the correctness of the information that you share with Pingvalue.

6. Right to object

You can call upon your right to object to your personal information being processed for serious and legitimate reasons by sending an e-mail to However, you cannot call upon your right to object to your personal information being processed if this is required to implement contractual obligations.

7. Security and confidentiality

Pingvalue has developed security measures that are implemented on the technical and organisational front to prevent the nullification, loss, falsification, modification, non-permitted access or mistakenly publishing to third parties, of personal information collected on this Website and the Platform as well as other non-permitted processing of the information.

Under no circumstances can Pingvalue be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that arises from the faulty or illegal use of personal information by third parties.

Pingvalue points out that the Platform links, hyperlinks, or references can redirect to other sites that Pingvalue has absolutely no control over and where this Privacy & Cookie Policy does not apply. These sites are not managed by Pingvalue. Pingvalue cannot be held liable for the content on such referenced websites, nor for the offers, products, or services displayed on those sites. Pingvalue recommends that you carefully read the privacy regulations on each site that you visit. These can differ from this Privacy & Cookie Policy.

8. Cookies

8.1. Information about our use of Cookies

Our Website uses cookies and similar technologies to differentiate between your usage preferences and that of other users of our Platform. This allows us to provide a better user experience when you visit our Platform, to display personalised information, and optimise our Platform.

However, cookies and similar technologies do not allow the systematic collection of data to identify the users of our Platform. It only allows us to improve the operation of our Platform, understand our user’s interests, and measure the effectiveness of Platform content.

All Websites focused on certain parts of the European Union are required to request your permission to use or store cookies and similar technologies on your computers or mobile devices. This Privacy & Cookie policy provides you clear and complete information about the use and purpose of the cookies that we use. Please read our Privacy & Cookie Policy to acquaint yourself with the privacy rules that apply to the Website.

For more information about this Privacy & Cookie Policy, feel free to contact us at

8.2. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text and digit file that we store in your browser or the hard drive on your computer. This allows us to ‘remember’ your preferences when using our Website.

When you initially visit our Platform, you will be asked whether the different cookies we use can be stored on your device. This permission is implicitly given by continuing to browse on our Platform.

8.3. Types of cookies

Cookies can be divided up according to their origin, use, and lifespan.

First-party cookies are cookies placed by the Website currently being visited by the user.

Third-party cookies are cookies placed by another domain name of the Website currently being visited by the user. If a user visits a Website and a third party places a cookie via the Website, this is a third-party cookie (e.g. cookies placed by Google, Twitter, and Facebook).

Functional cookies are cookies that ensure the Website works properly (e.g. cookies for login or registration, language preferences, shopping baskets, etc.). Logically, functional cookies are first-party cookies.

Non-functional cookies are cookies placed for statistical, social, targeting, and commercial purposes. These have nothing to do with actually providing technical support for the Website. Cookies for statistical purposes make it possible to see which pages you visited on a Website, where your computer is located, etc. Cookies for social purposes make it possible for the user to directly share the content of a visited Website with others using social media. Cookies for targeting purposes make it possible to build a profile based on your browsing behaviour to ensure the displayed advertisements match your interests. Cookies for commercial purposes keep track of how many and which advertisements are displayed for a user. Non-functional cookies may be first-party or third-party cookies.

Persistent cookies: These cookies remain on the user’s device for the duration specified in the cookies. These are activated each time the user visits the Website that placed this cookie (e.g. cookies placed by social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.). The most non-functional cookies are persistent cookies.

Session cookies: These cookies make it possible to simplify a user’s actions and link these together during a browser session. A browser session is initiated when a user opens the browser window and ends when the user closes the browser window. Session cookies are temporary in nature. As soon as the browser is shut down, all session cookies are deleted. The most functional cookies are session cookies.

8.4. Your permission

When you first visit our Platform, you will be asked to accept our cookies. This permission is implicit if you continue to browse our Website and/or Platform after the ‘cookie warning’ is displayed.

You can block cookies by enabling the browser setting that blocks the placement of cookies. However, if you use browser settings to block cookies, it may prevent access to (certain parts) of our Platform. If you want to cancel your permission, you can do so by using your browser settings to delete the cookies. For more information about the deletion or blocking of cookies, you can visit the following website:

8.5. Adjusting your browser settings

Note that web browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. These settings can usually be found in the ‘Options’ menu or ‘Preferences’ section of your web browser. You can gain a better understanding of these settings via the following useful links. If not, you can consult the ‘Help’ feature in your web browser for more information.

8.6. More information about cookies

Information about cookies

You can find useful information about cookies at:

Internet Advertising Bureau

The digital marketers’ interest group has drawn up a guide concerning online behavioural advertising and online privacy. You can find it at:

8.7. What cookies do we use for

Functional cookies

Name Domain Purpose Validity
XCSRF-Token Cross-site request forgery Request
Laravel_session Login or registration Session

Non-functional cookies

Name Domain Content and Purpose Validity
__ga Google Analytics Tracking cookie 2 years
__gat Google Analytics Tracking cookie Session
Datr Facebook Tracking Cookie 2 years
Fr Facebook Tracking Cookie Session
Lu Facebook Tracking Cookie 2 years
Sb Facebook Tracking Cookie 2 years

For cookies placed by third parties (among others, Google Analytics), please review the cookie statement displayed on the relevant websites. Note: we have absolutely no control over the content of the cookie statements of these third parties.

  • Google Analytics cookies
  • [etc.]

9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Privacy & Cookie Policy is managed, interpreted, and implemented in accordance with Luxembourgish law, which is exclusively applicable in the event of any disputes.

Disputes with respect to this Privacy & Cookie Policy will be exclusively brought before the court of the City of Luxembourg.

10. Acceptance

By visiting the Platform (website or app), you accept all provisions of this Privacy & Cookie Policy and agree to Pingvalue collecting and processing your personal information in accordance with this Privacy & Cookie Policy. Your permission and acceptance of this Privacy & Cookie Policy is ipso facto the legal basis for processing of your personal information.