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Wi-FI on the outside,
powerful business tool on the inside

PINGSPOT. The Place to Meet, Market & Monetize.

Digital and physical marketing wrapped up into one

Turn initial contact via Pingspot into lifelong loyalty via Pingvalue

From there, Pingvalue’s three-way interactions and business dashboard let you maintain customer relationships and inspire return visits. Benefit from referrals and gain new customers,
just by joining Pingvalue.

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Online incentives. Offline transactions. Ongoing relationships.

Never lose another customer, with an uninterrupted phygital connection

Introducing Pingspot+Pingvalue, a match made in heaven

Deeper than an
internet connection

Pingspot’s integrated marketing tools deliver measurable conversions here and now. Forget mass advertising and lengthy timelines. Bring guests closer to your brand with an embedded Wi-FI login page that puts your company front and center. This is where the customer experience starts, with
personalized promotions and quick access to your site. Trade yesterday’s guesswork for targeted campaigns guided by
real-time insight.

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Pingspot Pingvalue Revenue Network
A Wi-Fi network
or a revenue stream?

Both. It’s time to take ownership of your digital real estate before someone else does. Demand more and let your Pingspot do the work. Share promotions and ads on your login page. Rent the space to others and earn through Pingvalue’s revenue-sharing model. Boost your worth over night.

Tap into the
wisdom of Pingspot

Go from wasted space to data goldmine, with in-depth customer demographics and physical mapping of foot traffic. Access coherent analytics via your Pingvalue business dashboard. Pingspot’s transparent, secure and ethical processes fully comply with GDPR 2018.

Be at the right place at the right time with the perfect message. You can’t delight your customers until you know them.

Pingspot Dashboard Data Analytics
Pingspot Pingvalue Coupon Promotions
Share and receive

Watch guests log in as strangers and leave as loyal followers. Enhance the customer experience with a Pingspot and access to Pingvalue — a live, local guide on where to eat, shop and explore. The mobile application lets visitors collect coupons and earn rewards for sharing.

Phygital marketing
made simple

Pingvalue. Your business’s new control center. Access the big picture, the tiniest details and everything in between.

Pingvalue’s business dashboard helps you strategically preserve the relationships born on your Pingspot. View analytics and launch informed campaigns all from one place.

Pingspot Pingvalue Business Data Dashboard
The world isn’t one dimensional.
Your marketing shouldn’t be either.
Pingspot for your city

Pingspot for your City

Bring your neighborhood to life at the intersection of digital and physical. Give tourists and locals a way to engage and a reason to come back.

Pingvalue Pingspot for your Event

Pingspot for your Event

Introduce a new layer of value to any gathering, from outdoor festivals to indoor conferences. Create a sense of community in an instant.

Pingvalue Pingspot for your Everywhere

Pingspot for Everywhere else

Imagine trains, schools, airports, malls, hotels and libraries connecting with visitors and learning from ever interaction.