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Pingvalue’s latest release available from today

We are very pleased to announce a new release of the Pingvalue platform!

Release 1.3.0, available from today, includes significant new features to the iOS and Android Pingvalue mobile apps, completing the recent major update to the Front-end web platform of the new business dashboards.

The following functionalities have been introduced:

  • Notifications: So you do not have to keep checking the app to stay on top of your activity, the app now notifies you of all important events.
  • Notification hub: A new section called Pings now lets you check all the recent activity of your user. Even if you dismiss a push notification, you can catch up in the new Pings section. Located on the bottom menu bar, it is now just a one-click check.
  • Adverts: Included in this release are simple adverts that are inline with the product lists. As a business you can place relevant adverts for users of Pingvalue to find out about new and exciting promotions. With the newly introduced Advert Analytics dashboard, you can get somegreat feedback on your adverts.
  • Claim place update: It is no longer a requirement to add payment details to claim a place.

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The Pïngvalue Team