Spot your audience

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Learn more about your audience, reach it with relevant offers, and measure the concrete results of your marketing activities.

Every organization, company or small business knows the problem: a lot of information and promotional material is sent - online and offline - to as many (potential) customers as possible, in the hope to create interest and convert this into sales. Results can however seldom be measured.

Through the Pingvalue community, you learn to know your audience better, getting more insights on their real interests. This enables you to address those people, whose needs and wants match with your product offer or services, with relevant promotional campaigns at the right time and in the right place. In this way you will attract people that are relevant for your business or organization. Your loyal customers will also do word-of-mouth promotion for you, creating more visibility and helping your business or organization grow.

Big companies and small local businesses get the same chances on Pingvalue: our user friendly dashboard makes it easier than ever for everyone to measure the results of marketing activities, know how to adjust strategies, and even successfully introduce new products or concepts into the market.

How do you make the most out of Pingvalue as business or organization?

Get to know your audience better

Even without playing an active role on Pingvalue, you can already discover which kind of people talk about you, and what they say regarding your products or services. You get free visibility and the chance to approach your audience based on specific interests and needs, improving strong points and adjusting the weaker ones. Once you are ready, become yourself part of the community!

Connect with your community

Knowing your audience better allows you to build stronger relationships and improve the social value of your company. Through the Social Factor - the measure of the influential power and credibility of each member within the community - you can identify potential ambassadors that could do word-of-mouth promotion for your business or organization. Thanks to our loyalty program, you can reward your most devoted customers with credits that they can spend back in your store or location, for their favorite products and services.

Engage the right people with the
perfect customer experience

Choosing the most relevant product, service of experience to promote has never been easier. You can reach the right audience with relevant content, at the right moment and in the right place. Through the couponing system, you can know in advance which kind of people will come to your business: your staff can in this way anticipate the expectations of the single customer.

Measure results and adjust strategies

Through the Pingvalue dashboard you constantly keep track of the interactions with your current and potential customers, and are able to measure the concrete ROI of your campaigns. You can also compare reactions to different campaigns and be advised on the best decisions to make, based on past performance and on future trends. Pingvalue is a single place from where to act, measure and learn how to perform in a more effective and efficient way.

How Pingvalue can help your city or area become smarter

On Pingvalue, it doesn't stop with helping your business or organization perform in a better way.
This goes further to the social and economic context you are part of.

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