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Updated Pingvalue app available today!

Pingvalue's New Release 1.2.5 Android iOS Apps

We are very proud to announce the release of Pingvalue’s newest version!

The New Android and iOS 1.2.5 Pingvalue Release involves a significant update to the entire Pingvalue environment, which includes the website as well as mobile applications on both Android and iOS platforms.

The following functionalities are available from today:

Product creation update: You can now create products in a faster, easier way thanks to image recognition, auto tagging, and single screen publishing.

Edit product: Made a mistake while uploading content? No worries! You can update all details of your uploaded products, and the users who interacted with them will be notified.

Status page: Network outage detection will allow you to refresh pages and get right back to Pingvalue.

Claim place: The place claim process is now separated from the creation process to reduce the required user interactions.

Platform optimisations: We enhanced the platform’s performance to give you a better user experience.

• Many other improvements and bug fixes.


Start exploring now the new possibilities Pingvalue has to offer, and stay tuned for upcoming updates!


The Pingvalue Team