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Pingvalue is a vibrant social community of local members all over the world that share what they love most about their neighborhood. Finding new friends and discovering exciting things to see and do has never been easier. From cool shops and cultural venues to insider tips on once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Pingvalue lets you tune in 24-7 to the best things that city life can offer, wherever you are.

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Pingvalue connects you to well-informed locals all over the world, making it the essential first stop when you are planning your travels. If you are on the hunt for a city trip or summer break, our community is there to guide you 24-7, with insider tips, destination inspiration and new ideas.

As a member you can inspire your friends and followers by posting about your favorite experiences, from the best clubbing in your town to unforgettable seasonal events and locations. To every post, Pingvalue adds the right address, making sure you find everything you need in one simple click. From cool camping sites to fine boutique hotels or the best food you ever tasted, Pingvalue makes sure you never waste a moment to spot your favorite destination.

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Whatever your taste and wherever you travel, join Pingvalue to meet food lovers around the globe that keep each other updated on what’s cooking in their neighborhood. You can share your own experience and inspire others, by posting about your favorite local deli, a new pop-up restaurant around town or chefs you admire.

Going out? Just tune in to your friends at Pingvalue to spot their recommendations, making your choices fun and easy. Looking for gourmet restaurants to celebrate in your city, Singapore’s must-try streetfoodstalls and markets or New York’s new culinary destinations? Wherever you travel, the best food experiences are at your fingertips.

Staying in? Pingvalue shows you where you can stock up on the best kitchen tools, cookbooks and great ingredients near you. Good to know: whenever a member spots a new favorite product, shop or restaurant, Pingvalue adds the right address, making sure you find what you need wherever you are. With Pingvalue, spotting fine food is fast and easy!

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From runway couture to high-street trends, Pingvalue is your one-stop-shop to discuss fashion and get instantly inspired.

Join our community to find friends that share your taste and style and collect followers with your posts on favorite brands and designers. Looking for new shops in town, London’s secret fashion addresses, or not-to-be-missed designer sales in Paris? Wherever you travel, Pingvalue’s club of inspired locals helps you to spot the best things to see and do, and where to find them near you. Join Pingvalue for your daily fashion fix....and more!

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Travel, food and fashion are only a few of the themes for which you can give and get inspiration on Pingvalue. But it doesn't stop there! You can find tips and create content also around fabulous decorations for your home and garden, top movies or books that can't be missed, your favorite car, or the coolest toys for your children. Whatever you love and look for, Pingvalue is the place to be.


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